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Gadget Guys repairs, buys & sells most models of phones, iPhones, Smart Phones & basic phones. In today’s society it is difficult to find anyone over the age of 12 that doesn’t have or have access to a mobile device There are over 320,000,000 people in the US, 75% of them have smartphones!. With the increasing cost to replace smartphones people are looking at alternatives to paying full price for replacing their broken or water damaged phone.

When I started working in the wireless field over 17 years ago you could replace a broken or water damaged phone for 50-$100, now a days if it’s an I Phone or another type of Smartphone & you’re in a contract you are looking at 400-$800!

We at Gadget Guys are simply offering another solution for you if your phone should get damaged or wet; we specialize in replacing screens, fixing charging ports or headphone jacks, replacing microphones or speakers.

In many cases when your phone gets wet & we get to it soon enough we can restore the device with a thorough internal cleaning for just $39.99.

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