About Us

Rollie Goulson Gadget Guys repairs, buys & sells most models of phones, I Phones, Smart Phones & basic phones. In today’s society it is difficult to find anyone over the age of 12 that doesn’t have or have access to a mobile device. 60-70% of those cell phones are quickly becoming Smartphones. With the increasing cost to replace smartphones people are looking at alternatives to paying full price for replacing their broken or water damaged phone.

When I started working in the wireless field 17 years ago you could replace a broken or water damaged phone for 50-$100, now a days if it’s an I Phone or another type of Smartphone & you’re in a contract you are looking at 400-$800, and most basic phones 200-$300!!!

We at Gadget Guys are simply offering another solution for you if your phone should get dropped or wet; we specialize in replacing screens, fixing charging ports or headphone jacks, replacing microphones or speakers.

In many cases when your phone gets wet & we get to it soon enough we can restore the device with a thorough internal cleaning for just $39.99.